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War Is Boring: Africa Round-Up (8)

by Peter Dörrie

In this installment of the Africa Round-Up, I cover recent developments in Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan. Be sure to check it out!

As fuel prices skyrocketed after a cut in subsidies, Lagos and other cities were hit by huge protests. At least one protester died after being shot by police, but in most cases the marches remained peaceful. The price of petrol more than doubled at the pump after the government phased out a $8-billion subsidy at the beginning of this year. Despite being one of the world’s largest crude oil producers for many years now, Nigeria still has to import refined petroleum products, as it only has very limited refining capacities inside the country.

Meanwhile, the north of the country saw some of the worst violence ever over Christmas, when the terror group Boko Haram bombed churches and attacked security forces, leavingscores of people dead. President Goodluck Jonathan reacted by declaring an indefinite state of emergency in the northern states, while several Christian groups threatened toretaliate against future attacks. Despite heavy-handed efforts of the security services over the last few years, Boko Haram has been able to constantly launch more sophisticated attacks. While a new security doctrine now came into effect, which “puts security of Nigerians first,” it can be doubted that the authorities will be able to reduce the threat posed by religious extremism if they do not tackle the underlying grievances of the mostly young men who sympathize and fight for Boko Haram.

Find the complete round-up here.

War is Boring: Africa Round-Up (6)

by Peter Dörrie

From my new Africa round-up over at

In a surprising move, Kenya reacted to repeated cases of kidnapping on its border with Somalia with a full-blown invasion. The operation started on October 15 and involves ground troops as well as air raids. Kenya said its actions are targeted at the Somali militia Al Shabab, who they see as responsible for the recent string of kidnappings of Westerners, which threatens Kenya’s tourism industry. Al Shabab has denied all involvement in the crimes.

Read the rest here.

War is Boring: Africa Round-Up (5)

by Peter Dörrie

There is a new Conflict in Africa Round-Up written by me online over at Countries covered this time are Guinea, Burundi, Somalia and South Sudan, as well as some info on the latest instances of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

War is Boring: Africa Round-Up (3)

Côte d’Ivoire / Liberia
More than one month after former president Laurent Gbagbo was ousted after a tense post-election standoff that involved U.N. and French forces, the situation has stabilized but is still far from peaceful. The Liberian government has found an arms cache believed to belong to Liberian mercenaries who fought for Gbagbo. Also, there are still thousands of Ivorian refugees in Liberia, which itself is recuperating from a civil war.

On a more positive note, the demobilization inside the Ivory Coast is slowly progressing, with thousands of combatants having handed over their weapons to the U.N. mission.

Democratic Republic of Congo
With more than 20 active rebel groups and militias in eastern DRC, the outcome of the U.N.-supported governmental program to integrate fighters into the national army has so far produced mixed outcomes. […]

Read the rest over at

War is Boring: Africa Round-Up (II)

Democratic Republic of Congo 
The last weeks again saw widespread violence in the east of the DRC. In a more or less typical incident, units of the national army killed its own general Kisembo, vice-commander of the 7th military region over allegations that he was in the process of founding a new rebellion in Ituri, a region in the north-eastern part of the country. Kisembo, like most of his colleagues, was a former rebel and integrated into the army after the end of the Congo Wars. […]

Read the rest of the Africa Round-Up over at The focus is on recent developments in the DRC, Uganda and Sudan.


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